Providing the care you need to stay in motion

Our staff provides the care and support you need to stay in motion.

New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center is a full service medical practice specializing in orthopedics, a discipline focused on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal diseases and injuries. Our team of skilled and experienced physicians and orthopedic specialists use the industry’s most advanced and innovative technology and techniques to make quick and accurate diagnoses, then develop and implement the most effective treatment plans for our patients.

  • Orthopedic Specialties

    Our treatment programs are led by fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons who hold subspecialties in their particular fields of practice. While we provide a comprehensive range of orthopaedic care, our team understands that each area of the body is different, as is each patient’s needs. There are no one size fits all approaches at New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center. Our specialists create customized treatment plans to produce the best possible outcomes.

  • Interventional Pain Management

    Interventional pain management is designed to block pain from reaching an area of distress to minimize or eliminate discomfort. Keeping patients comfortable throughout the recovery process is incredibly important. An effective pain management model can include therapies, medication or mind body techniques. Our Interventional Pain Management specialists work closely with our staff to create pain management solutions for each patient.

  • MRI Services

    With ACR accredited MRI facilities located at our offices in Nashua and Bedford, we provide our patients with convenient access to this incredibly important diagnostic equipment. This painless, non invasive procedure is read by a team of radiologists from New England Baptist Hospital to assure the highest level of diagnostic accuracy. Near immediate results enable our physicians to create treatment and therapy plans for a variety of orthopaedic injuries and illnesses.

  • Physical & Occupational Therapy

    We provide both physical and occupational therapy services at New Hampshire Orthopedic Center for Medicare, Medicaid, and other government insurances. As part of a comprehensive orthopedic care program, we provide physical therapy services that are monitored by our surgeons. This team approach allows for optimal communication throughout, ensuring all patient benchmarks are met and making it simple to adjust the plan as necessary.