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Our Patient Stories

Often, comfort comes by knowing someone who has been in a similar situation. We offer the opportunity to share stories of our patients in order to learn what to expect before walking through our doors. Patient stories become who we are and our patients tell it best. We would love to hear about your visit, please take a moment to share your experience!

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Best Experience

I have experienced years of spinal problems. My experience with Dr. Murthi is by far the best experience I have had with

Samuel P. Freeman
Dinakar S. Murthi, MD

Great Service!

I went to see Dr Goumas because I tore my bicep off the bone and tore my rotator cuff. The personal service

Laurie L Lemons
Dr. Goumas

Sciatic Nerve Pain

For many years I have struggled with sciatic nerve pain and lower back. I am just over six feet tall. Always thought

Patrick OBrien

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

I wrote a review on Dr. Fortney a few months ago, before my surgery in July. I had a reverse shoulder replacement,

Christine Gillooly
Dr. Thomas Fortney

Marsha’s Story

I have arthritis throughout my body and have been living for several years with very painful knees. I have had my rotator

Marsha's Story
Dr. Hogan

Sandra’s Story

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude for Dr. Andrew Garber for replacing my right knee. He

Sandra's Story
Dr. Andrew Garber

Gail’s Story

I’m a 75 year old retired nurse who is quite fussy about the physicians who care for me. I was able to

Gail's Story
Dr. Wilkening,

Betty’s Story

I am 62 years old and had two very very bad knees, requiring total knee replacements. I searched for approximately six years

Betty's Story
Dr Lance Macy

Hall’s Story

Twenty six years ago I injured my left leg severely and after seven operations with both NH and Mass doctors who just

Hall's Story
Andrew T Garber MD

Julie’s Story

I am so blessed to have found Dr Wilkening! He is the most compassionate and skilled spine surgeon ! I am so

Julie's Story
Dr Matthew Wilkening

Jan’s Story

I have been having progressively worse problems with my hands. I went to see hand specialist Dr. Wang who told my my

Jan's Story
Dr. Wilkening

Diane’s Story

I just want to thank Dr. Hogan and her staff for being such a caring and thorough team. I had two total

Diane's Story
Dr. Hogan

Sandra’s Story

Trust is essential when you need shoulder, or knee surgery. I highly recommend Dr Soghikian he has done surgery on my shoulders

Sandra's Story
Dr Gregory Soghikian

Joyce’s Story

I visited here for the first time yesterday having an appointment with Dr Heaps. From the moment I stepped into the practice

Joyce's Story
Dr Heaps

Thelma’s Story

I went to Dr. Andrew Garber after having total knee replacement surgery on both knees by another Doctor in Concord, NH 9

Thelma's Story
Andrew Garber

Suzanne’s Story

What can I say? Well for 1, I’d love to stress how professional, thorough, and caring Dr Kathleen Hogan is/was during my

Suzanne's Story
Dr Kathleen Hogan

Elizabeth’s Story

After suffering a spontaneous fracture of my tibia, I spent a frustrating three months recovering. However, with Dr. Bean’s professional care I

Elizabeth's Story
Dr. Bean

John’s Story

Had my first appointment with Dr Killie This week. She provided the greatest care. She very personable, honest, and has the unique

John's Story

Kimberly’s Story

I’m a PACU nurse— worked at BASC nearly 10 years. When Dr. Vailas told me in 2017 “ Don’t run another step”

Kimberly's Story
Eric R. Benson, MD

Ronald’s Story

In 2017, I ruptured and had a complete tear of the posterior tibialis tendon in the right foot. Dr. Michaud had to

Ronald's Story
Marc J. Michaud, MD

Cheryl’s Story

The absolute worst 1 1/2 years of my life was when my hip was failing. I couldn’t walk without crunches or play

Cheryl's Story
Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Dale’s Story

After a fall I was in a lot of pain and no one knew why. Dr. Hogan figured out that my artificial

Dale's Story
Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Todd’s Story

I’ve run competitively my whole life. Two years ago I tore my right ACL and my LCL was completely torn off as

Todd's Story
Anthony R. Marino, MD

Ted’s Story

After two years of severe hip pain, I was sent to Dr. Hogan for a consultation. I had been to another provider

Ted's Story
Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Keith’s Story

I injured my knee 30 years ago, and finally had arthroscopic surgery 20 years ago on the meniscus. I was told then

Keith's Story
Douglas M. Joseph, MD

Eleanor’s Story

Six months ago tomorrow, you managed to change my ‘walking life’ immensely with a new right knee! Eight months ago you had

Eleanor's Story
Eric R. Benson, MD

John’s Story

I had both knees replaced 8 weeks apart in 2011. I had suffered a long time and had too many clean outs

John's Story
Douglas M. Goumas, MD

Cornelius’ Story

The purpose of this note is to thank Dr. Hogan for giving me my life back. I was at a point in

Cornelius' Story
Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Ken’s Story

Dr. Vailas recommended I sit with Dr. Hogan after a visit with him telling me there was nothing wrong with my knee.

Ken's Story
Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Christian’s Story

Dr. Hogan ROCKS!!! Went to Def Leppard 10 days after HIP Replacement

Christian's Story
Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Kimberly’s Story

Dr Marino was the best ortho doctor I have ever walked into!! From the first visit with him to my surgery he

Kimberly's Story
Anthony R. Marino, MD

Priscilla’s Story

I had left knee surgery with Dr. Benson in mid May, 2014. Never did I realize I would be doing so well with one

Priscilla's Story
Eric R. Benson, MD

Judys Story

I found Dr. Michaud in late 2013 after being very unhapay with a recent foot procedure. I am a nurse with bad

Judys Story
Marc J. Michaud, MD

Dina’s Story

I was referred to Dr. Hogan by Dr. Goumas because of a previous injury to my left hip…for what seemed an eternity

Dina's Story
Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Mary’s Story

Something happened to me on my way to better feet … l realized I should have done this years ago. For 15

Mary's Story
Marc J. Michaud, MD

Tamara’s Story

I have had knee issues for 30 years since the age of 15. That being said, in the past 30 years I

Tamara's Story
Douglas M. Goumas, MD

William’s Story

These Doctors are the best in their practice in my mind. Both of my knees were replaced 6 months apart, and without

William's Story
Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Connie’s Story

In January of 2014 I had a very successful total right knee replacement. It was time for the left knee to be

Connie's Story
Douglas M. Joseph, MD

Tim’s Story

After suffering with OA in both knees for several years to the point where I could barely go down a flight of

Tim's Story
Eric R. Benson, MD

Kathy’s Story

Thank you, Doctor Benson, for my new knees! 45 flights of stairs up the Flume Gorge in Franconia, NH 8 months out

Kathy's Story
Eric R. Benson, MD

James’ Story

Recently I had spine surgery with Dr. Murthi.  He was amazing with a quick response to my situation given how much pain

James' Story
Dinakar S. Murthi, MD

Dolores’ Story

80 days post meniscus surgery and I easily hiked to the White Mountain summit of Mt. Eisenhower (4,780′) on rugged terrain –

Dolores' Story
James C. Vailas, MD

Cindys Story

My journey begins with a torn labrum. I had orthoscopic surgery 5 years ago with Dr. Vailas, who took care of the

Cindys Story
Kathleen A. Hogan, MD

Marilou’s Story

I just hiked Mt. Esja, Iceland, status post bilateral meniscus tear surgery! I’m back!! Thank you so much, Dr.

Marilou's Story
Daniel P. Bouvier, MD

Gale’s Story

I went to Dr. Price for arthritic knees, I had an appt. quickly and at my convenience.  I am very pleased with

Gale's Story
W. Russell Price, MD

Lou’s Story

Dear Dr. J., I wanted to thank you for your fantastic work on my hips and knee.  My life has been totally

Lou's Story
Douglas M. Joseph, MD

Ken’s Story

I’m 55 now and have been an avid runner since I was 12 years old. Maybe obsessed is a better word. Having

Ken's Story
Douglas M. Joseph, MD

Emilee’s Story

When I broke my right foot almost a year ago I was devastated; being an active individual this was a shattering blow

Emilee's Story
Marc J. Michaud, MD

Kathy’s Story

It has been 8 months since my Bunionectomy and Osteotomy on my left foot. Before the surgery, my walks were less frequent

Kathy's Story
Marc J. Michaud, MD

Anita’s Story

Nineteen years ago Dr. Soghikian put my left hip back together. Six months later out running. Have had no issues with it

Anita's Story
Gregory W. Soghikian, MD & Eric R. Benson, MD

Sandy’s Story

Dr. Michaud repaired my bunion and two hammer toes. From the beginning, he was kind and patient with my many questions. His

Sandy's Story
Marc J. Michaud, MD