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Ken’s Story

September 27, 2019

Dr. Vailas recommended I sit with Dr. Hogan after a visit with him telling me there was nothing wrong with my knee. His words to me, ‘If you do nothing else get educated on a hip replacement.’; which I was not in a hurry to have done. I had been limping for 2 yr’s after an accidental fall. Within 15 minutes of my appointment with Dr. Hogan I knew this was the doctor to move ahead with for this Operation. July 1, 2013 at 12:30pm Dr. Hogan performed the procedure. 3 hours after the procedure Dr. Hogan entered my room, she asked me if I could stand, “Really?” I said. She handed me a walker, and I did!  Not on the leg that received the new hip though. She asked me to put pressure on the new hip and I did until I was standing on the new Hip Only, WOW. She asked if I though I could walk ? we tried, we walked out to the Nurses station and returned, NO PAIN Dr Hogan smiled said great, see you tomorrow. The next day physical therapy walk with me down the hallway to the steps and down one flight and back up WOW I smiled. I was discharged the next day. Two weeks and a follow up with the Doctor I asked her if I could play Golf she smiled and said lets start with a bucket of balls first. I did, it was great, I could twist at the hip through ball it felt great. Shortly after that I returned to Florida for the winter. I played golf over the next year, my back pain has gone away, my Handicap has gone down, my distance increased, I feel like it never happened, but it did happen and it was done well. Thank You Dr Hogan you are a gifted Woman, thank you for giving me back my Golf Game, Long Walks the Gym & a great Quality of Life once again. I do not want to forget to thank Dr Vailas for directing in the right direction, the whole New Hampshire Orthopedic Center for the Quality of Life I now enjoy, you are a great team. Thanks again. Ken