Why Choose Us for Your MRI?

June 22, 2021

State of the art machines

  • All body parts can go in feet first to reduce claustrophobia
  • Average scan times are only 20-30 minutes
  • Crystal-clear images ensure repeat studies aren’t needed

Quality and Value

  • Comprehensive pricing that’s more cost-effective than a hospital
  • Our rates are all-inclusive: the scan, radiology fees and interpretation are all covered by one price
  • Same day appointments available for urgent MRIs
  • Results available in 24 hours to the ordering provider
  • Industry-leading radiologists from New England Baptist Hospital—ranked among the top hospitals in the country for
  • Orthopedics by U.S. News & World Report are reading your scans.

We Do Scans For:

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neuro (Spine/Brain)
  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Blood Flow – MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography)