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William’s Story

September 27, 2019

These Doctors are the best in their practice in my mind. Both of my knees were replaced 6 months apart, and without Dr. Hogan’s great skills I would be in a wheelchair and not able to workout and drive my old Charger.  I being very obese due to bone on bone and not able have my workout routine anymore grew to be very weak and heavy, but Dr. Hogan did a great job of giving my lifestyle back. Now I am able to enjoy getting on the floor and horsing around with my Grandchildren. After the surgery and many moons later I enjoy my workout and am able to lose the weight I gained.  Due to the Doctors care after surgery, and the great skills of the very progressive ORTHO CENTER which included Dr. Killie as well as Dr. Hogan’s Admin in scheduling these procedures. They are the best in their practice and always will be remembered. Thank you a million times over. ????