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Tim’s Story

September 27, 2019

After suffering with OA in both knees for several years to the point where I could barely go down a flight of stairs, I was advised by some friends to go to New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center and ask for Dr. Benson.  After trying a series of injections to no avail my first total knee replacement was done September 2012.  No more pain!  I then had the 2nd knee done September 2014.  Following a course of re-habilitation and physical therapy I was back out skiing in January 2015…totally pain free! It’s hard to put into words how much joy it gives me to ski with my daughter and 2 little granddaughters. None of this would have been possible without the skilled surgery of Dr. Eric Benson and the folks at New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center. I am so grateful for all that you did. Thank you. Tim