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Thelma’s Story

January 12, 2023

I went to Dr. Andrew Garber after having total knee replacement surgery on both knees by another Doctor in Concord, NH 9 years ago. I was never happy with my knees i always felt very unstable and walked like raggedy Ann. Seeing Dr. Garber gave me a little hope. He said I could wear braces the rest of my life or have total knee revision. Which meant taking out all the old components and replacing them with new. So a year ago in September I did my left knee and this past May I did my right knee. I am walking on uneven ground, walking on dirt in the garden and the piece de resistance is that yesterday I went to the Polar Caves in Rumney, NH with my husband and grandkids and I went into 6 of the 9 caves climbing down rocks and up and down stairs. My “only” wish was that I could start to walk again for health reasons and now I am doing that and so much more!!!! Thank you so much to Dr. Garber at 68 years old I thought I was never going to enjoy a quality of life with my husband and grandkids… I am beyond grateful. Thank you Dr Garber you have truly made my life worth living again.