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Suzanne’s Story

June 23, 2022

What can I say? Well for 1, I’d love to stress how professional, thorough, and caring Dr Kathleen Hogan is/was during my whole right hip replacement surgery/pre-op was and soon I can say post-op was. I was very anxious and stressed prior to my surgery, it wasn’t the surgery itself it was the spinal/nerve block that would be administered, I was a complete wreck, worse then a 20 car pile up, Well let me say this, Dr Hogan was so kind and understanding of my plight, she let me know that I’d be well taken care of by her and her surgical team and that she was here to make me better by all means, she wasn’t wrong; EVERYONE was wonderful. I was kept overnight at the Elliot, the next day I went home; no issues. Because of this anterior hip replacement and nerve block, I was off all pain meds in 2 days. I had sore muscles; understandable if you know how the surgery is performed but that is it. No pain whatsoever from my hip, yay. I only had sore muscle discomfort. I did my in home P.T. with VNA and that went without a hitch, I was faithful with my exercises and because of this,
I graduated to a cane on day 8 and no assistance on day 10. I’m looking forward to walking into Dr Hogan’s office tomorrow for my post-op with NO assistance. If it hadn’t been for Dr Hogan. I sure wouldn’t be where I am now; pain free and walking on my own after 10 days if it hadn’t been for Dr Hogan. If you’re on the fence as to what Orthopedic Surgeon you’ll use, I highly recommend Dr Hogan. She’s definitely a Dr that cares. I’ll need a left hip and right knee replacement in the near future I’m sure and when I do, it’ll be my awesome Dr Hogan.

Thank you Dr Hogan and staff for taking such great care of me, my needs, and my anxiousness.

Suzanne Provencher