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Mary’s Story

September 27, 2019

Something happened to me on my way to better feet … l realized I should have done this years ago. For 15 years I have been putting off dealing with my painful, ugly bunions. Seriously, even the word is awful! Well, I am nearing the end of my treatment with you and I wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic team. For years I heard about how painful the procedure and the recovery is. I heartily disagree. With the one exception of an overzealous suture picker who shall remain nameless, my pain never made it over a 4/10. I also have the distinction of sporting one of the “biggest dressings we have ever seen him do.”

From beginning to end my experience with your providers has been stellar. Your office staff is cheerful, welcoming, entertaining, and efficient. They are considerate toward your mobility challenged patients and go out of their way to make patients feel welcome and cared for. Your surgical assistant Tiffany is fantastic. The pre op phone call person was accommodating (BOTH TIMES) and made the process easy. The follow up staff from x-ray to casting techs, nurses to office staff were all engaging, kind, and patient.

The girls out front who register and process your patients are phenomenally patient, kind, and brilliant when it comes to getting things right in the box from hell on their desks.

Your partnership with the BASC is also a huge part of why my surgeries were a success. The pre op nurses had me in stitches before you could even slice my foot open! What a great way to relax prior to surgery. Mary is a phenomenal nurse (must be the name). I wish I could recall all of the names, but every single person I encountered was wonderful. Tim the anesthesiologist … what can I say. He is both charming and entertaining. He helped me relax and put my husband at ease. He is skilled in pain control and I appreciated his efforts on my behalf. Outstanding care.

I have and will continue to recommend NH Orthopedics and the BASC to everyone and anyone I come across who needs superior orthopedic care. In the world of healthcare, you, your staff, and your organization have got it right! You can count on my family and me as lifelong patients of your practice!

Thank you sir for not only providing superior care, but for recognizing a winning team and getting this gal up and running with much less pain than before and some pretty awesome looking feet!

Sincerest appreciation