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Keith’s Story

September 27, 2019

I injured my knee 30 years ago, and finally had arthroscopic surgery 20 years ago on the meniscus. I was told then that I’d be back as some point in the future, and that my knee was now about 15 years older than the rest of me! They were right of course, and for the last 20 years I’ve managed to compensate for the weakness in the knee, yet I’ve maintained a pretty active life where my passions of being out in the woods, fields, and mountains, and doing many long distance walks were never negatively impacted. But I never felt that I could forget the compensating part of it all as pain was always lurking around the next proverbial corner.

My knee finally did give out completely last June, and after a 10 minute conversation with Dr. Joseph, I knew the time had come for total knee replacement. I had read much about the procedure and was eager to get the work done ASAP as I was planning a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon with my school students in November, and that was very important to me. Dr. Joseph (who came highly recommended by friends who had also had knee replacement with him) assured me that I would be able to follow through with that plan, and after following all his wise advice and counsel, three months to the day after having surgery ( I had to wait until August to have the surgery because he is so busy!) I was departing for the southwest with my backpack and students.

Dr. Joseph said it was good to have a goal, and that if I was ready to do what I needed to do, and work hard, I would easily be walking the Grand Canyon within three months. So work I did, and after three hard and dedicated months of PT, I was on my way. It is now 6 months after the surgery and I have a better knee than what I was working with for the past 30 years. I have no pain, and feel like I can forget the need to always compensate for any weakness when walking in the mountains. I am 61 years of age and I am moving with greater ease than I’ve been able to remember doing in a long time. I feel like it will only get better, and find myself blessing the good Doctor every time I set my feet upon the trail.