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James’ Story

September 27, 2019

Recently I had spine surgery with Dr. Murthi.  He was amazing with a quick response to my situation given how much pain I was in.  I went to see him Thursday January 22, 2015 for my first appointment. He said I had drop foot and needed an MRI.  The very next day I had the MRI and got the results on Monday.  When I went to see him Monday he told me that I needed surgery immediately. He also told me he had done research over the weekend on my situation.  This showed me that he really cares about his patients to take time out of his weekend to research my problem.  Dr. Murthi and his staff were looking for an operating room for that night or Tuesday but couldn’t find one due to the blizzard that was predicted for Tuesday.  He was more concerned with my health than the pending weather.  He ended up doing the surgery on Wednesday.  He was very thorough telling me all about the procedure that he was going to do. When he was done he took my family in and told them that everything went well and answered any questions they had and didn’t rush but took the time to talk with them.  Following my procedure I was amazed how very little pain I was in for just having surgery.  I was also amazed how quickly the original pain was gone. Before surgery I thought for sure my career as a lineman was over and I would have to find a new career.  However within six weeks I was back to work on light duty. After three more weeks I was back to full duty and my drop foot was gone.  I cannot say enough about how good Dr. Murthi was and that he is an amazing doctor.  I would highly recommend Dr. Murthi.