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Emilee’s Story

September 27, 2019

When I broke my right foot almost a year ago I was devastated; being an active individual this was a shattering blow to my everyday life. Upon my referral to NH Orthopedics I was instantly relieved by the confidence that Dr. Michaud instilled in me that he would do his absolute best to repair my (crushed Lis-Frank joint and broken metatarsals). Well he did just as he said; he took a very broken foot and repaired it so amazingly. Not only did he do an excellent job with my surgery he also assured me and encouraged me throughout my healing process. I never felt pressured and I always felt like I had my doctor in my corner. Now almost a year later I am back to living my active lifestyle; running, hiking, riding horses and taking the world by storm once again. I am so thankful I was referred to NH Orthopedics and to have Dr. Michaud as my doctor. I pass along this great experience to everyone I meet and I would suggest NH Orthopedics to anyone who asked. Thank you for all the great work you all do!