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Eleanor’s Story

September 27, 2019

Six months ago tomorrow, you managed to change my ‘walking life’ immensely with a new right knee! Eight months ago you had started the process with a replacement of my left knee. Both have healed so well and are amazingly comfortable in their new settings leaving me just about pain free.

Originally, x-rays showed and the pain confirmed (!) that there had been no cartilage in either knee for at least 3+ years so the surgery was definitely needed and timely.

I could not let this anniversary of sorts pass, however, without sincere thanks to you, to Erica (I know – the ‘real’ coordinator, par excellence!) as well as Larry, Joyce, and Shannon (PT). It is an extraordinary team, and I felt at each point along the pre-and post surgery phases, that there was continuity at every juncture.

Beyond the exceptional professional service, I appreciated the personal manner of all of you; that has to be a challenge with so many and varied needs of patients. Bottom line: it makes a difference! Having taught Social Responsibility and Business for 25 years, I have many case studies of the opposite!

My husband, Jim, and I now claim four of your knee replacements and, as terrific as we think you are, we’re thankful we do not, as toes number, have 10 to be replaced!

While some may cheer “hip-hip hooray,” we’re delighted to chant “knee-knee hooray!” Corny, maybe – but truthful, yes!

Cheers – and thanks!