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Connie’s Story

September 27, 2019

In January of 2014 I had a very successful total right knee replacement. It was time for the left knee to be replaced in January 2015. About ten days previous to the surgery I was with two great-grand-nieces and said that I wouldn’t be babysitting for a while because I would be having surgery on my knee. The eight-year old explained it to the six-year old in these words, “Aunt Connie has a problem with her knee. There are big spaces between the bones. The doctor is going to take those bones out and put new bones in and then she’ll walk straight and not side to side like a penguin.”
Dr. Joseph performed another successful surgery even though he didn’t put “new bones” in. The child’s words are a great incentive to give one’s best to P.T. and home exercises.
My knees give proof to Dr. Joseph’s expertise. Previous to surgery he provided thorough information related to the operation and what to expect after. As well as skill, professionalism, and a caring attitude, Dr. Joseph has a great sense of humor. Thank you.