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Cindys Story

September 27, 2019

My journey begins with a torn labrum. I had orthoscopic surgery 5 years ago with Dr. Vailas, who took care of the problem but found the beginnings of arthritis. After 2 years of pain free living I returned to NHOC with different issues in the same hip. Dr. Vailas did the exam and informed me I was loaded with arthritis in that one hip and referred me to Dr. Hogan only to inform me a hip replacement was in my near future…in denial – I put it off for 2 years until it was so bad I just couldn’t take it any longer and general walking was a major issue. This decision was one of the toughest ones I have had to make, being 40 something, I have a lot of life left! and a hip replacement, isn’t that for older people? December 2014 I had a total hip replacement. I kick my self for waiting so long – once the surgery was over recovery was smooth, and PAIN FREE. I was amazed, all that agony I dealt with had vanished! Today – I’m walking a 17 minute mile, riding my bicycle again and walking the sandy beaches! I’m back on the road to good health all because I can move pain free! To think I couldn’t do all this last year! So Thank you Dr. Hogan and team for giving me my life back!