Request Medical Records

About the Process

To better serve our patients we utilize a copy service to copy the medical records. This insures a timely response to your request for medical records. There is a fee for the copying of records which is regulated by New Hampshire state law. The fee is $15.00 for the first 30 pages and .50 cents a page over 30 pages plus postage.

Upon receipt of the signed and complete Medical Records release form to our office, your request will be directed to our outside copy service. You will receive an invoice from the copy service for the cost of copying and postage. Please make payment to them upon receipt of their bill.

Any additional questions should be directed to

Step 1

Print out a copy of our release form.

Medical Record Release from NHOC

X-Ray Release Form

Consent to Obtain Medical Records from other provider to NHOC

X-rays are provided on disk free of charge directly through our office.


E-Mail us at  to have a form mailed to your house.

Step 2

Fax to our office at 603-881-3739


Mail to us at:

Medical Records Department
17 Riverside St.
Suite 101
Nashua, NH 03062

Step 3

Receive bill along with your records from copy service in 7 to 10 business days.



Status of your request after 7-10 business days should be directed to our outside records service Scan Stat at 1-866-442-9026.  Please note that the office does not have the ability of checking the status of your request.  If you have additional questions please email