Now Offering Nonoperative Treatment for Long-Lasting, Non-Opioid, Knee Pain Relief

November 15, 2021

Are you struggling with knee pain?

NHOC is now offering Iovera — a new nonoperative treatment that provides immediate, long-lasting non-opioid pain relief.

Iovera is FDA approved and treats:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic knee pain
  • Neurologic pain
  • Painful partial and total knees

You may also benefit from Iovera if:

  • You’re having total knee replacement surgery: Iovera is an excellent way to manage pain after surgery — studies show it reduces the need for opioid pain medications.
  • You can’t or don’t want to have surgery: Iovera can reduce pain in people who can’t have surgery or prefer nonsurgical treatment as a long-term solution. Research shows that Iovera can provide pain relief for up to 90 days or more.