Knee Replacement Results Improved By Computer Navigation

June 19, 2015

For Immediate Release

Amanda Maselli
New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center


Nashua, NH – June 12, 2015 – New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center’s surgeon Dr. Lance Macey is pleased to announce that a study published in April confirms that knee replacement surgery, performed using computer navigation, results in increased long-term survival of the knee replacement.

Dr. Macey points to the study published in the April edition of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery as confirmation of the results he’s seen with his own patients. “Computer navigation allows me to achieve extraordinary precision during the implant alignment and ligament balancing process, resulting in a knee with perfect alignment which minimizes the chance of premature wear and early failure of the knee replacement.” he said.

The study looked at over 300,000 patients who underwent knee replacement using conventional surgical technique and computer navigated technique. The results showed a significant increase in the long term survival of the knee replacement and satisfaction in patients who had their surgery performed using computer navigation technique. Nine years after the initial knee replacement, there was a 20% reduction in the need to “re-do” surgery in the patients that had their initial surgery performed by surgeons who utilized computer navigation.

Dr. Macey is trained in a special surgical technique called Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) for his total knee replacement procedures. CAS uses a state-of-the art device and unique software to get the perfect fit and alignment for the hardware being placed into the new knee. The device is used during surgery with the aid of a computer; making it easier to obtain the correct angles for the knee to function properly after surgery.

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