Hip Disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score

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Affected Hip


This survey asks for your opinion about your knee and helps us to understand how well you are able to complete your usual activities. Answer each question by ticking the appropriate box (only one box for each question). If you are uncertain about how to answer a question, please give the best answer you can.

II. Pain

What amount of hip pain have you experienced the last week during the following activities?
P1. Going up or down stairs*
P2. Walking on an uneven surface*

II. Function, daily living

This section describes your ability to move around and look after yourself. For each of the following activities, please indicate the degree of difficulty you have experienced in the last week due to your hip.
A1. Rising from sitting*
A2. Bending to the floor/pick up an object*
A3. Lying in bed (turning over, maintaining hip position)*
A4. Sitting*
Survey completed prior to hip replacement
Survey completed after hip replacement
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IV. Section IV is for office use only

The HOOS JR is scored by summing the raw response (range 0-24) and then converting it to an interval score using the table provided below. The interval score ranges from 0 to 100 where 0 represents total hip disability and 100 represents perfect hip health.
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