Dr. Kathleen Hogan recognized for her opioid-free approach to pain management

March 15, 2019

As our nation’s opioid crisis continues to make headlines, it’s important that we not merely raise awareness of this raging epidemic but offer solutions. Kathleen Hogan, MD, a surgeon at New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center, is heeding that call and taking steps to help combat this dangerous issue.

While many opioid abusers are recreational users, many others developed their addictions after taking painkillers following surgical procedures. Drugs such as fentanyl, among others, have long been prescribed for patients in these situations, and while effective, these types of medications can also be highly addictive.

That’s why Dr. Kathleen Hogan, a Board-certified orthopaedist specializing in knee and hip replacements, opts to treat her patients using a non-opioid medication called Exparel whenever possible. The anti-inflammatory medication is injected into the patient during surgery and not only greatly reduces pain, but can minimize or eliminate the need for post-op opioid prescriptions.

This is one component of Dr. Kathleen Hogan’s multimodal approach to pain management, which was recently featured in The Nashua Telegraph. In the article, Dr. Kathleen Hogan mentions that in addition to taking opioids out of the equation, this treatment option also speeds up recovery times for most patients.

While the opioid issue knows no geographic boundaries, New Hampshire is one of the country’s biggest problem areas. Although Dr. Kathleen Hogan is leading efforts to eradicate opioid addiction in her community, the work doesn’t end there. She is also introducing this alternative treatment plan to other parts of the world. As part of the Women Orthopaedist Global Outreach group, Dr. Kathleen Hogan does mission work in other countries such as The Republic of Congo and Cuba, among others, performing knee replacements and providing safer pain management to underserved regions.

New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center is proud to call Dr. Kathleen Hogan one of our own. She is an innovative and passionate leader who is dedicated to all those she serves.