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Brian J. Lavigne, PT


Physical Therapist

Brian J. Lavigne, PT grew up locally in Hooksett, and attended Manchester Central High School. He graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy in 1996. He has lived in Bow since 2000 with his wife and 2 daughters.

When he was about 13 Brian had surgery after injuring his elbow pitching in Little League and needed Physical Therapy after surgery to restore his range of motion and strength. He had a very positive experience and a good outcome. That’s really what got him thinking about being a Physical Therapist. Going through school, he always enjoyed science courses particularly Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. Physical Therapy has been a great fit for him.

Brian joined New Hampshire Orthoapedic Center in 2015 because he had good working relationships with several New Hampshire Orthoapedic Center physicians and really enjoyed working with their patients.

He believes that he is fortunate to work with great patients at New Hampshire Orthoapedic Center and cites them among the main reasons he enjoys working here. He also enjoy working with the staff and says it is always easier to come to work when you work with people you consider friends as much as co-workers.

He also likes the fact that physical therapists work as a team with the physicians and physician assistants. He notes that when patients arrive to Physical Therapy with a problem that needs to be addressed quickly from a medical standpoint he is able to just walk out into the clinic and talk directly to their surgeon or one of the Physician Assistants and get that issue addressed. Having access to their full medical record is also very valuable. He gets a much more in-depth picture of his patients before they arrive to Physical Therapy for their initial exam than he has working elsewhere.

Brian says that working with patients who have had joint replacement procedures is among his favorite because they typically respond well to treatment and make significant improvements in relatively short periods of time. It’s always very gratifying to see the difference in how they finish their course of treatment compared to how they start.

According to Brian, New Hampshire Orthoapedic Center is among the best Physical Therapy practices anywhere. Why? Because we have a very experienced staff, all our appointments are one-on-one care, and our rehab gym is clean, bright, and modern. We care deeply about providing the best, highest quality care. We, as a staff, love what we do and that shows in the atmosphere here in the clinic.

Brian is an avid cyclist who races for a local cycling team in both mountain bike and gravel races throughout the spring, summer and fall. He and his family are also avid skiers. They ski every weekend and pray for snow from November through March! He also enjoys Nordic skiing, hiking, and surfing when he can.

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