Additional Services

New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center (NHOC) works to make care more convenient for you by providing additional orthopaedic-related services at our locations.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging is an important part of diagnosing and treating orthopaedic problems.  New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center enables you to have your imaging done right on site versus going somewhere else and waiting for the results to be sent over to our practice.  We provide quality diagnostic imaging services for the convenience of our patients, including Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), arthrograms, and X-Ray.

All NHOC locations are equipped with state of the art X-Ray suites, staffed by registered X-Ray technologists. This allows you to have digital X-Rays taken during your appointment, which your provider is immediately able to read at your visit.

For more information about MRI Imaging click here.


Intra-articular injections are used to medicate joint pain caused by diseases such as tendonitis and rheumatoid arthritis.  We offer different types of injections from steroids, which possess anti-inflammatory properties useful for reducing pain in the joint space, to viscosupplementation, the injection of hyaluronates to treat osteoarthritis in the forms of Euflexxa and Synvisc, as well as platelet-rich plasma injections and epidural steroid injections.

Physical Therapy

NHOC provides physical therapy services for patients who are under
the care of an NHOC physician and are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and other
government payers in our Nashua and Bedford offices.

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In addition, physical therapy is offered by Apple Therapy Services in the same building as our offices in the following locations:

  • Londonderry
  • Bedford
  • Milford
  • Nashua

In-Office Nerve Conduction Studies

New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center uses advanced technology to make diagnoses quickly and efficiently right in our offices.  Our physicians use nerve conduction studies to assess common conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, and other nerve diseases.

Durable Medical Equipment

We offer Durable Medical Equipment (DME) at our offices. DME refers to special equipment that offers therapeutic benefits and helps our patients perform tasks that would otherwise be difficult for them to do.  We help our patients conveniently obtain whatever equipment they need to recover quickly and comfortably.

Some equipment offered by NHOC include specialty braces, crutches, walkers, canes, post-operative supplies, and prescription orthotics.  Please consult with our staff to learn more about the different types of DME available. Most DME is covered by your insurance. Check with your insurance provider for details.