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Kimberly’s Story

September 22, 2020

I’m a PACU nurse— worked at BASC nearly 10 years. When Dr. Vailas told me in 2017 “ Don’t run another step” I bawled my eyes out. Running was my therapy since the traumatic death of a family member. But here I was, 47 needing a new hip. Dr. Benson did my right anterior hip in August 2017 and I did the work to get strong again. Since then I’ve hiked 27 4000 footers, became a Zumba instructor and won 3rd in my age group for a 5 K. Dr B gave me his blessing to “ run in moderation” while staring at me over his glasses so I knew he really meant “ moderation”. Thank you Dr. Benson for turning “ I can’t because it hurts” into “Yes I can”. I tell everyone to go to you. I’m not just a patient— I’m a nurse too. He’s the real deal!